Ground Coffee / Coffee Beans
Classic Mountain
Classic Pride

A range of finely crafted gourmet blends made with the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from our award-winning estates.


Ground Coffee / Coffee Beans
Classic Blaze Classic Matinee Classic Sun Downer Classic After Hours

From a robust blend for the morning to a mellow wind-down one for the night, the Classic Premium range has a delectable blend for every moment of the day.


The art and science
of pure coffee indulgence

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The secret of the delight that is the Classic Coffees experience is our control over the entire process, from the coffee seed to the time it becomes the magical brew swishing around in your cup. All coffees are carefully nurtured and grown at our owned estates, home to some of the finest award-winning coffees in the world. From this stage on, we control every step of the process till the stage the coffees are packaged and put up on the retail shelf.

Through this entire process, a key role is played by our Coffee Lab, which is home to the culture of quality and innovation that defines every aspect of what we do…

A Classic Coffee Experience

Your bespoke coffee experience

We believe coffee is to be experienced and not merely consumed. The Coffee Yard is the quintessential coffee experience organized by us. It has all the elements of an idyllic afternoon with friends and family - food, music, a party atmosphere, with coffee appreciation and awareness being the overarching theme. It is the ultimate immersion experience that will help you grasp every nuance and subtlety of great coffee. The Coffee Yard is where the senatorial nirvana of taste, smell and feel come together to create a completely unique experience. You can also understand coffee-food pairings, and have an expert take you through the diverse aspects of your coffee - all of this over a fun afternoon.


Classic Coffee is an offering from Harley Coffee LLP, a company that specializes in the cultivation and production of finely crafted coffees. The company draws on the heritage of the Classic Group, a conglomerate with interests in diverse sectors, which is led by 4th and 5th generation coffee planters. The company’s assets included coffee estates in Sakleshpur and Chikmagalur, both over 100 years old and home to some of the finest, award-winning coffees grown in India.