Your bespoke coffee experience

We believe coffee is to be experienced and not merely consumed. The Coffee Yard is the quintessential coffee experience organised by us on the outskirts of Bangalore. It has all the trappings of an idyllic afternoon with friends and family - food, music, a gala atmosphere, and with coffee appreciation and awareness being the overarching theme. It’s the ultimate immersive experience that will help you grasp every nuance and subtlety of great coffee. The Coffee Yard experience will take you beyond the qualitative levels of judging your cuppa and transform you in to a discerning critique. It’s where the sensorial nirvana of taste, smell, and feel come together to create a totally unique experience. You will also learn about coffee-food pairings, and have an expert take you through the diverse aspects of your coffee - all of this over an afternoon of fun & frolic.

  • Dry Fragrance

  • Wet Aroma

  • Acidity

  • Taste & Flavour

  • Body/Mouthfeel

  • Aftertaste

  • Balance

  • Food Paring


The Coffee Yard series launches soon, beginning with Bangalore and extending subsequently to other cities.

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